A Sustainable Tourism Project in Wessington, Derbyshire

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What is @Wessington?

Sustainable tourism, linked to the landscape and local economy is what we want to acheive. We want to encourage people to visit this lovely Peak Fringe area and enjoy its lovely unspoilt countryside.

We hope to build a small family business linked to our vineyards and orchard in the lovely village of Wessington, Derbyshire. we've already got planning permission for a winery, which will include a cellar door experience for visitors, perhaps, in future, serving tea and coffee too in our lovely location.

Our plans include the eventual conversion of a barn into a high end eco holiday lodge and the creation of an eco classroom cabin nestled in the orchard.


Here you'll find pages on Amber Valley Vineyards activity and where you can book tours and purchase products.




Amber Valley Wines

A small family vineyard in the Heart of Derbyshire growing vines and making great wines. The heart of the @Wessington project.

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Wessington Cider House

An embryonic project growing local varieties and cider apples with the intention of making local ciders.

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Derwent Mills Cottages

We already know about holiday lets, our small family run cottages in the nearby World Heritage Site are successful and lovely places.

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