We need you!

It's exciting times at Amber Valley Wines as we gear up for the most exciting time of the vineyard year... the harvest.



Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October 2018

We're Meeting in the Little Vineyard at 9am on both mornings, before we travel by 4x4 to the larger Doehole vineyard. And we're doing a second shift at midday for those that can only spare a few hours in the vineyard. Bear in mind that each morning shift you'll be there for 3 hours!

Please feel free to bring a packed lunch with you. We will however be supplying generous quantities of cake!


There is no afternoon shift in the vineyard on Sunday - the grapes will be travelling to the winery.


Please bring your own secateurs if possible.


If we get enough people to harvest on Saturday there may be no Sunday morning session. Indeed it may be possible that all the grapes will be harvested on the Saturday morning. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates! We'll try to email you but chances are it will be pretty full-on!


It would be helpful if you could quickly fill in the form below so I have a roughidea of the numbers. For example, we need to know how much wine to chill!


Here's how to find us.


It's all free, indeed we'll even give you discounts on future events and on wine purchases on the day as a thank you!






King George Street


07920 484207

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