Sustainable tourism and regenerative viticulture linked to the landscape and local economy is our aim. We want to encourage people to visit this lovely Peak Fringe area. The Meadow is a wildlife site and we practice regerative agriculture and grow organically to maximise biodiversity.

The Orchard, photo taken in May 2018 - is now maturing and will be the location of the "Eco Cabin" a rustic and beautifully sympathetic classroom nestled in amongst the trees.

How Do I Support Local Business?

Firstly, and lastly, buy from them, whether it be a cup of coffee, a bottle of wine or a cheese, if you like it and value it and want the business to be around for years to come then buy from them.

We have tons of people that want to try our wine for free believing that they are supporting us and whilst we appreciate that belief it is the purchase of goods or services that keep us going and keep us doing what we do.  So, if you like what we do, want us to succeed and do more of what we do then please support us with your purchases.


This project is designed to complement the landscape and tap into other local rural businesses.  There is strength in unity where our business models complement each other.

Our family is already well invested in the area with vineyards, amazing old meadows and woodlands all within a handful miles of Wessington.  Via Amber Valley Wines we offer tours and tastings in the vineyards.  We also own a couple of holiday cottages in the nearby Derwent Valley World Heritage Site with our business Derwent Mills Cottages.  We want to bring this tourism and holiday cottage experience to Wessington. Barry also advises other local orchard growers and producers. We want to create a business that combines our experience and knowledge to benefit the local area.

We love this part of the world and we want to share it with others.  Close to the Peak District in unspoilt countryside that is in many ways how the Peak was 50 or 60 years ago - quiet, with lovely peaceful villages, hamlets and farmsteads dotted about without the pressures that the Peak faces today.  Small and a little off the beaten track makes all the difference and we want to share it in a quiet way with visitors.